What are EdMojo courses and how are they different?

You hear, you forget

You see, you remember

You do, you understand

 - Confucius 500 B.C.

We are all very interested in learning something new, but hardly enjoy the way we are taught. We do not understand how the things we learn at schoo/college or elsewhere relate to the real world around us. There are many interesting things and phenomena in the real world that are related to concepts we are learning, but we are not exposed to them.

EdMojo brings you courses that will involve you to experience learning in an entirely new way. We are bringing you the best content from across the internet like videos, demonstrations, experiments, games, discussions,problems that will help you understand the core concepts of a topic. The courses will connect ideas from different sources and will make you realize how the concepts work together in real world.

We aim to make the process of learning a happy experience for everyone. We want to rekindle the curiosity everyone is born with and lead them to a path of continuous discovery and learning. Our process is aimed at encouraging everyone to apply their knowledge thereby increasing the depth of their understanding

In this age, where knowledge has zero value, but application of knowledge is paramount, we wish to make you question your understanding and learn concepts by experiencing them

So get started with enrolling in the courses. Be curious and learn anything you want.

Happy Learning!

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